Brantley County Sheriff’s Office

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Employee List


Name Badge # Email Address
Sheriff Len Davis 1300
Chief Dep. John Simpson 1301
Chief Inv. Mark Stone 1302
Jail Dep. Mike Mercier 1303
Sgt. Vanessa Wilson 1304
Sgt. Kevin Strickland 1305
Sgt. John Watson 1306
Dep. Richard Troup 1307
Inv. Will Kirton 1308 
Inv. Jason Lee 1309
Sgt. Wade Bennett 1310
Dep. Chris Edgerton 1311
Dep. Daniel Tompkins 1312
Dep. Jordan Melton 1314
Dep. Priscilla McCormick 1315
Dep. DeWayne Whisenant 1316
Dep. Tyler Daniels 1317
Dep. Ralph McCormick 1318 
Dep.  1319
Dep. Tim Cavagnaro 1321

Jail Admin. Jason Bohannan J-17
Admin. Assist. Dana Shuman
Inv. Admin. Assist. Brooke Dixon
Records Tech. Anna Sikes
Records Tech. Melanie Beal
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