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Visitation Schedule
A Pod    3:00 PM
B Pod   3:30 PM
C Pod   3:30 PM
D Pod   9:00 AM
E Pod 11:00 AM
F Pod   1:30 PM
G Pod   2:30 PM
H Pod   8:00 PM
J Pod 10:00 AM
Booking Males   3:00 PM
Booking Females   3:30 PM


Visitation Rules

All visitors are to enter the facility through the Jail lobby and arrive 15 minutes before visitation time and register with the Visitation Officer or will not be able to visit. No one under the age of 18 will be allowed to visit or be in the lobby during visitation.

Visitation is 30 minutes long with only 2 visitors a day that will get 15 minutes each.

Visitors must leave all cell phones, overcoats, purses, wallets, umbrellas, and similar garments in their vehicle. The Brantley County Sheriff’s Office is not responsible for articles left in vehicles.

Visitors are subject to being searched by facility staff.  Refusal to submit to this search is grounds for terminating the visit.

Any visitor who brings, or attempts to bring, any item of contraband into the facility, or within the Guard Line, will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Visitors who are intoxicated or displaying uncooperative behavior will not be permitted to visit with inmates. Inmates and visitors are to conduct themselves appropriately at all times.  When inmates or visitors do not properly conduct themselves, the Visitation Officer will terminate the visit and remove the visitor. Visitors are to leave the visiting area when instructed to do so by Jail staff.

Visitors are not allowed to enter any other area of the facility unless under escort by an officer.


Inmates may receive pre-stamped postcards only, with no pictures. Postcards must have senders full name and address on it. Postcards need to be addressed to the Inmate and sent to PO Box 251 Nahunta GA 31553. All postcards are subject to search and/or screening. Inmates cannot receive letters or email.

Dress Code

Proper attire is required for all visitors.  No halter tops, sleeveless shirts, tank tops, low cut tops, shorts, or any other revealing garments are allowed. Visitors must comply with the established dress code or they will not be able to visit with the inmate.

Inmate Cash/Deposits

Visitors may not bring any items to the inmate.

Visitors may add funds to inmates commissary by cash, debit or credit card in the kiosk machine in the lobby, online at or mail a money order addressed and made out to the Brantley Co. Sheriff’s Office at PO Box 251 Nahunta GA 31553.

No cash, checks, money orders or property will be accepted by the facility on visitation day.


**Note any envelopes made out to the inmate will be returned!**


Approved Bond Companies

Faith Bail Bonding — Samuel Sellers — 912-288-4582

Lee Bonding — Sandy Lee — 912-670-4410


**Note if you are using your own property to bond someone you will need a money order for $20.00 (per bond done) for the bond fee.**


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